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Automotive Rim

Our skilled, quick and dependable technicians will replace your tired and worn-out tires so you can get back on the road with confidence. 



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 It's time for a tire alignment at Max BodyShop! We will ensure your tires are properly aligned and experience the Max Auto Body difference.

rim painting

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We offer top-notch tire service like no other. We will provide you with the best recommendations for your tire needs.



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24 Hour Towing Service availabel to help you in your darkest hours. We pick up from anywhere in teh 5 Boros of New York City.

When it comes to rim services, you won't find a better option than Max Body Shop. Our experienced technicians offer a range of services, including rim straightening, painting, and repair. We even offer a towing service, so you won't have to worry about bringing your vehicle to us. Come see us today and let us take care of your rims!

Give your car the ultimate upgrade with our rim powder coating service. At Max Body Shop, we offer a variety of colors and textures for you to choose from, so you can completely customize the look you want. Give your car the attention it deserves and schedule your rim painting appointment today!

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We offer top-notch cracked & straightening rim services that will make your wheels look brand new. Our skilled technicians use the latest techniques and equipment to straighten out any bends or dents, restoring your rims to their original condition. 

Our Guarantee: One Business Day to Repair Rims to Original Form
New Tire

Available Rim Services

  • Cracked Rim Repair

  • Curb Damage Repair

  • Custom Rim Refinished

  • Rim Straightening

  • Rim Welding

  • Rim Painitng/Powder Coating

All type of Rim Straightening Service


We weld rims and offer you a variety of colors  to paint it


We work with the major Insurance companies to get your estimates



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